Welcome to INDSTRCTBL.com !


Indstrctbl.com - products are of course made to


- be indestructible,                      

until about 5 years ago I had beautiful bags that repeatedly fell apart in just one year. This is when I decided to create my own, that could hold my notebook, come with me in all situations, on vacation ... on the beach - and still not fall apart but last over the years. I started researching for stronger materials like 3mm-thick unused and unstained leather: 4 times thicker than the one used for modern clutches for which obsolence is built-in; and I made my first bag that resists all challenges.


- proctect the environment,

 All raw materials are 100% recycled industrial left-overs sourced from partners out of the private and the public sectors around Brussels. I am passionate about the environment,having made my first steps working at the salvage of the forests devasted by the sour rain, I didn't stop since. I am convinced that every step counts. Addicted to the beauty of life and nature on earth: is why I do what I can to protect it and to earn that beauty.  


- care about your skin and health,

all products are processed under low-energy consumption under the principles of slow design and have been engineered with very specific attention for sensitive skin and hyper-allergies. The wood is biologically grown and untreated and 100% organic. 


- be singular.

all things made from indstrctbl.com are original, handmade and unique: Because every person is too.