How it's made : 


I got and get my raw materials from different providers out of the public sector and private enterprises in industrial printing in and around Brussels and from furniture producers and raw-material-sellers in Germany and Italy. And I have to be thankful to all of them for having that wonderful waste ;-) and for letting me do something with. 

I have my own industrial Adler-machine from the 50ies and I work in cooperations to not work all alone like a hermit, cutt off of the world. Acknowledgements here to Christian Verstappen from who shared his wisdom and also let me transform old leather seats from legendary 50ies cars into edgy handbags.

I treat and transform part of the bags and fabrics under Laser and that for I became member of Fablab/iMal in Brussels, a small community of people addicted to everything around numerical design. Thanks here to all of them and their advice and calm and understanding when they see me sit on one of my seemingly endless tries to got the right amount of power out of the Laser and not setting the fabric on fire in the Lab. 

And thanks to all of my friends and family for their support in any sense of that word.

I feel blessed having you all.  




Picture : FabLab 2016