long-life leatherbags 

every bag is unique because every human is unique 


inspired by true crafting techniques,exclusively with rare 3mm thick long life raw leather

series of 5, 


What you can't see: This userfriendly  long-life bag can kept clean just with a brush, soap and water.

color : light blue-gray 


crossed big shopper, 600 Euro 

big traveller-bag, ltd. edition of 6 bags, signed and numbered 500 Euro

THE compu-bag

handcrafted, three different sections for iPad, MacbookPro, Cash and a lot more 

highly resistant raw leather, canvas,

this bag is very easy to take just everywhere at any time 


series of 20 handmade numbered bags 150 Euro 

les Nuits Blanches


the clutches are all made from

ads for Nuit Blanche (Brussels), an artistic light-event in Europe and around the world during the first weekend of October.


Limited edition of 30 clutches. 

120 Euro.

special series: shopping attack

design, photos, creation, products © B.K.Artstudio, Bettina Kusel